Gibco Kiosks was started by Gib Smith in Brooklyn, NY in 1992 to respond to a developing need for interactive terminals. Gib, who was experienced in the architectural woodworking and design business, was approached by Muze Inc to supply kiosks. Muze Inc had developed a digital data base of recorded music and wanted to make the database available to the public through terminals in record stores. (record stores!)

Gibco supplied an enclosure with a touch screen, a keyboard and an impact printer. These were among the first computer “kiosks” made. Gibco went on to make over three thousand kiosks for Muze.

Gibco Kiosks was member # 2 at KIOSKS.org. Kiosks.org has grown into the Digital Screen Media Association which is the leading trade membership group.

Gibco has increased its customer base considerably. Our clients include Federal and State governments, all branches of the US Military, Fortune 500 companies, retail and commercial enterprise, universities and libraries.

While offering aluminum and powder coated steel models we are still proud of our architectural craftsmanship in wood and laminates. In addition to the furniture quality, the choice of colors, textures and finishes is unsurpassed.

We are still in Brooklyn and all our enclosures are made in the USA.


2011 Gibco becomes Dell Computers Commercial Partner
2010 Gibco provides kiosks for Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting in New York City
2009 Gibco provides kiosks for Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting in New York City
2009 Gibco produces another nationwide roll out for Travel Centers of America to provide terminals for the newly acquired Petro Travel Plazas
2008 Gibco releases the G4 kiosk designed for sleek appearance, high visibility branding and multiple color and material options.
2008 Gibco designs kiosk for United States Social Security Administration. The kiosk enclosure allows SSA offices to use existing computers and monitors.
2005 Gibco kiosks are purchased by the United States Army for shipment to Kuwait to support troops engaged in Operation Iraqi Freedom
2003 Gibco supplies NYPD with all aluminum kiosks for mobile recruitment
2003 Gibco Travel Centers of America kiosk is named a best kiosk of 2002 with cover story in Kiosk Magazine
2002 Gibco supplies in field security upgrade and components for Travel centers of America Loyalty Kiosk
1999 Gibco produces nationwide rollout of multi component Loyalty Kiosks for Travel Centers of America
1996 Gibco ships 3000th kiosk
1994 Gibco leases twenty thousand square ft manufacturing space
1994 Gibco becomes sole supplier to Muze Inc for it's public terminal music database
1993 Gibco Kiosks formed to supply public terminals to access digital information databases